Do I need to bring anything in particular to the phsyiotherapy sessions?

As part of the assessment and treatment process, it may be necessary to partially undress your child in order to see the specific body areas affected by the condition / injury, and also to apply certain manual therapy techniques to the area, such as massage therapy. This will only ever be carried out with your full consent and whilst you are present. Please therefore make sure that your child is suitably attired, wearing clothes such as a loose-fitting t-shirt, shorts, or track pants / jogging bottoms, as this will help us to access the specific areas of the body we need to as part of their treatment and rehabilitation.

Your child may also have a favourite toy, picture book or dummy that helps to focus their attention or relaxes them, which you may wish to bring along to the sessions. Please feel free to do so if you think this will help. We do have an array of toys and therapeutic equipment to use as part of the physiotherapy sessions, but if there is something that your child particularly loves to play with, it may help with their compliance with therapy and therefore make the sessions even more effective.

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