Will physiotherapy cure my child?

Most children recover fully from their injuries without a further need for physiotherapy involvement, and with no residual problems. Children tend to heal quickly and often bounce back speedily from injury and illness. However, for some paediatric conditions, there is no cure. Children who have specific neurological conditions, severe traumatic brain injuries or developmental problems may not achieve a full recovery, due to the irreversible nature of their condition or their profound difficulties. In these circumstances, the aim of physiotherapy is to work together with the child and their family, in order to maximise their potential, achieve an optimal functional outcome, improve their quality of life and provide the best possible future for them. Physiotherapy treatment is provided for different reasons for each individual child, the aims of which are unique to them.

The team at Yorkshire Children’s Physiotherapy works closely with everyone involved in the rehabilitation process, to develop your child’s skills, improve their self-confidence, and reach their individual goals, whether this is returning to playing football, ballet dancing, or simply being able to stand upright from sitting using the support of a frame. Specialist physiotherapy input can provide parents with an insight into their child’s behaviour and their needs, and help to establish roles that, as parents, they can play as an essential and integral part of the rehabilitation team.

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